Bubble Bumper Ball Soccer - Extreme Inflatable Suit for Sports

Bubble Bumper Ball Soccer – Extreme Inflatable Suit for Sports

What is The Bubble Bumper Ball?

bubble bumper ball is a simpler and smaller zorbing ball inflatable suit. There are simple harnesses inside to protect the people fine. Therefore, the player can go and roll freely with the bubble suit covering their heads. Besides, you are able to control yourselves 100%, no restriction on your legs for walking and running. Is it fun?

Bubble Bumper Ball – Nice Equipment to Play Football New Ways

Bubble bumper ball (or inflatable bumper ball, bubble ball) is derived from giant hamster zorbing ball. As a matter of fact, the bumper ball is of pretty fun as much as human zorbing. Fewer dimension is not the point. You can browse our product category to see more bubble soccer balls. Honestly, it is a small inflatable zorb ball and is easy to carry anywhere. You can just get inside and tie the belt well without anything to limit your legs. Therefore, you are free to walk whatever you would like.

Let us just move and bounce into other bubble balls. The bumping is going to knock you down, rolling around. We suggest you starting bubble soccer or zorb football with the classmates, colleagues or friends. We believe you will love the crazy body zorbing football games. If you have new idea, just act and bump! The capsule and straps inside secure every participant, and that is the bubble ball. No need to worry.

How Can I Use Bubble Bumper Ball?

Put the bubble equipment on and you will see no limit for bumping. Sliding inside the transparent bubble ball and begin the zorbing soccer. Obviously, you are going to have a entirely wonderful experience on bubble football. Bouncing on the ground and re-stand up brings you so much fun. It is also a fantastic hamsterball for family plays in backyards, especially for kids. Or it is a good idea to perform bumper ball soccer with your workmates and friends.

Probably you will find a little hard on the suit at the very begining. However, we are confident you will be capable to operate it in only 5 minutes. You need to maintain the balance during wearing the bubble suit. Just don’t hesitate to bounce into the opponent and pass the soccer ball to your teammate for scoring. You all need to unit together and win the game. All you will get involve bumping, rolling and tumbling around in various postures. Welcome to our twitter