Buy Water Walking Ball for Amusement Park Business

Buy Water Walking Ball for Amusement Park Business

Does anyone want to buy water walking ball as business owner? The water ball has positive prospect for amusement park or rental business. Does anybody imagine they are able to walk on water ever? This is the right way. Just come into the walking water ball and enjoy it. The water walking ball is an exciting simple variation of zorb ball or human hamster ball.

Buy Water Walking Ball – Have Wonderful Family Time

Firstly, the water ball mainly consists of see through plastic material as an inflatable orb. Its other popular names are water walking ball, water zorbing ball, water walker and more. Actually, this tranparent sphere enable people to climb or walk on the water. It is fun to keep the balance inside the waterball. The dimension of the ball includes many, and the most popular one is two meters or around 6 feet 6 inches in diameter. Secondly, the sphere contains a large zipper as the entry for players to get into before inflation. The different point of it from conventional human hamster ball is of one wall structure of plastic only. That helps reduce the cost of manufacturing and makes it more affordable for common business or family use. This walking ball is exactly for water surface use only instead of zorbing ball rolling downhill on the ramp.

Water Ball Entertainment

The readers can learn more information on water walking balls at professional site In fact, the water zorbing has become more and more popular around the globe. Frankly speaking, this zorbing is absolutely one of coolest sporting water games. There have been movies and TV shows for this popularity for over 30 years. It was not so common for consumers to see the spheres before. Now, however, they are available at many amusement water parks, lakes or pools outdoor. People also use it for dance shows, shopping malls for commercial and more. This is really a fantastic entertainment for adults and children.

Walking Water Ball Invention

As a matter of fact, someone invented one original walking water ball before early of 1980. However, more people saw the commercial water walking ball of bigger dimension nearly 2000. No one expected the balls will be so much popular and fun! That was literally the greatest product the guy ever personally did. That was the reason we are able to have a good time on the surface of water. This is a lovely inflatable equipment. See more water balls at the product category “Water Game”.

Buy Water Walking Ball – Introduction

The inflatable water sphere is extremely thrilling. Somebody may want to ask how they are produced? Is there any danger or risk during the ride? Generally speaking, the main material is 0.8 millimeter thick high quality TPU or economical PVC. The polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a most popular option, due to its low cost. However, the thermoplastic polyurethane or TPU has higher quality for special uses, such as freezing climate and snow field. The cost of TPU is much higher tha PVC. Don’t forget these points when the buyers determine to order a few units.

The weight of one standard 2m ball is around 14 kg. With an electric air pump, people can inflate the water ball within one minute only. The riders will be ready to go after sufficient inflation. Importantly, as it is an airtight inflatable and has limited air flow, never stay inside for over 14 minutes. That will protect everyone from possible suffocation. The safety is the key point.

Apparently, the water walker ball is suitable for both adults and kids. The supervision on children by adults is indispensable while riding the walk on water ball. There is a handle outside the ball for tying a safe draging rope. A lot of colored items the clients can find at our website.

The variation of Zorbing Ball

The water walking ball is the simplification of giant hamster ball or zorbing ball. As we know, this simple design of one layer material only is particularly for water plays. Other similar product includes hamster wheel water roller ball and zorb cylinder. It is quite as similar as the zorb ball with double-wall structure and air chamber inside. The different shapes are the main difference, one cylinder and the other orb. As the zorb roller is long, it can accommodates more riders inside for walking and running fun. Where to buy water walking ball, here are the products at