Buy Zorbing Ball - A Quick Guide By Vano Inflatables

Buy Zorbing Ball: A Quick Guide By Vano Inflatables

Want to buy zorbing ball and enjoy a high-speed, exciting tumble-down a hill with your family and friends? You can experience this adrenaline charged adventure by investing in a great zorbing ball. If you want to buy zorbing ball, whether for personal or commercial use, there are things that you should know. Here is a quick guide for those looking to buy zorbing ball from Vano Inflatables Limited

About Zorbing Balls

Actually, a zorbing ball is like a giant inflatable bubble that can be worn by fixing the harness. It includes cushion and is safe. Firstly, these balls allow you to flip over, roll and collide without any risk of injury. Zorbing balls are suitable for children as well. Next, these specially designed balls come with a cushioned harness attached to one wall of the ball, which can be easily adjusted to achieve the perfect fit. People of all sizes can use these zorbing balls and have a fun filled time.

A zorbing ball is actually not a single ball, but two separate balls made of plastic. The outer ball has a larger diameter. The inner ball with a smaller diameter can accommodate 1-3 people depending on the size you choose. Besides, there is roughly a 2 feet layer of air between the two balls that act as a shock absorber when the riders slide or roll downhill.

Vano Inflatables make the zorbing balls with strong and transparent plastic. The outer and the inner balls are connective by numerous pieces of ropes that keep the balls rotating together. These balls have one or two openings for entry and exit. The openings are about 2 feet wide. These holes not only ensure easy entry and exit, but also make sure that the riders get plenty of oxygen inside the ball.

Buy Zorbing Ball for Rental Business
Buy Zorbing Ball for Rental Business

Buy Zorbing Ball and The Plays

You can enjoy a ride inside this plastic ball down a snowy or grassy slope. If there are no natural hills or slopes, you can get one of the zorb tracks and have the same experience. Zorbing takes place on land; however, you can make your experience wet and wild by using a zorbing ball in which you can add water. These are commonly known as hydro zorbing balls.

In addition, zorbing balls come in many sizes and types. The most common ones include human hamster ball, harness zorb ball and hydro balls. If you want to enhance your experience even further, you can go for glowing zorbing ball. If you need a special size size or have some unique requirements, you can order a custom zorbing balls and get exactly what you need for the best ever zorbing experience. Manufacturers like us Vano Inflatables are more than happy to make customized zorbing balls that meet all your requirements.

Types of Zorbing Balls

When you go to buy zorbing ball, you will find three main types:
Simple zorb balls: These are primarily in the use on land and downhill rides. These are usually inclusive with 1-2 harnesses and entrances. You cannot use them on water.
Hamster zorb balls: These are mainly in the performance on slight inclines or on flat surface. There are 1-2 entrances and no internal harnesses.
Hydro zorb balls: These types of zorb balls normally have one entrance (with a bung) and no harness. You can fill the ball with water and enjoy a unique experience.

Using a Zorbing Ball

Once you buy zorbing ball, you should get ready for an exhilarating experience. You have to use the zorbing ball on an incline. If there is no slope for the zorb to manoeuvre, you may have to buy a zorbing track or build a metal track. The ride can be either dry or wet. In a dry ride, you put on the strap to one wall of the zorbing ball and once the ball released, you roll, head over heels. For hydro zorbing, a few gallons of water is added inside the zorb and then the passenger is sent on a ride where you slip and slosh inside the ball as it slides downhill.

Although the zorbing ball is transparent, you get only a limited view of the outside because of the double layer of plastic and the speed. The speed at which you slide depends on various factors including the wind direction, weight of the riders, whether the rider is strapped or not, and other factors. If you feel scared that zorbing might be nauseous, you can lay all your doubts to rest. Even when the zorbing ball slides downhill, the person does not make too many rotations because of the circumference.

Buy Zorbing Ball for Private and Commercial Use

You can buy zorbing ball for personal or family use from Vano Inflatables. It will make your picnics and outings more fun. It can also be used for commercial activities such as events, hire, shows, etc. There are top quality zorbing balls available that can withstand daily, rigrous use. You can choose a model based on your usage and requirements. More information at

Zorbing is pretty safe. The harness keeps you in place and the air layer between the two balls provides a lot of cushion. When you buy zorbing ball, make sure you choose the one that is made of strong, durable material. This ensures that there are no leaks and even if there is a leak, it is slow enough not to cause any sudden bursts.

Looking for top quality Zorb Ball that deliver the most exhilarating experience in a safe manner? Order one from our amazing collection of zorbing balls and get ready for some memorable and fun-filled rides.