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Zorb Ball Sale to Start Incredible Adventure

Among the extreme sports that thrill many, zorb ball sale or zorbing has become a favorite for many. With this sport, players can enjoy it on land or on water, which is commonly known as water or hydro-zorbing. For land zorbing, which is majorly dry rides, players are simply strapped against the wall of the zorb and set rolling downhill.

Water zorbing involves either walking or running on water while inside the zorb. For wet rides, water is added inside the zorb ball for the player to enjoy an intriguing experience. Zorbing games are of many kinds, ranging from Football zorbing to water zorbing. Whichever the type, zorbing has proven to be an innovative and interactive sport for the fun-loving individuals.

Zorb Balls Description
Zorb Balls Description

Zorb Balls Description

For water zorbing, which has become very common in pool parties, water zorb balls are used to give the ultimate pleasure of the game. The water zorb balls are large inflatable orbs. Players enter inside the ball through the ball’s zipper. The water zorbing ball is made of PVC of the best quality. The most popular size for these balls is usually 2 meters in diameter. The zippers for these balls are also of high quality. This is to give assurance that the player will be enclosed inside the ball safely during the ride.

Water Zorb Balls Specifications

Besides being made of commercial grade PVC material, other specifications are also worth noting for better selection of zorb balls. Most water zorb balls are 0.8 to 1mm thick to give a strong cushion for tension. As earlier said, their diameters are mostly 1.5, 1.8, 2, 2.5 or 3 meters in diameter. They also come in different colors, but most people prefer the clear ones.

Water Zorb Balls Application

These balls are mostly used for backyard or inflatable pools, beaches or water parks. They are a perfect addition to any party, especially for pool parties.

Types of Human Hamster Balls or Zorb Balls
Types of Human Hamster Balls or Zorb Balls

Types of Human Hamster Balls or Zorb Balls

Zorb balls are of many types. The Traditional Zorb ball is the most common. Other types include The Aqua Zorb Ball, The Hamster Zorb Ball, The Dark Moon Zorb and The Shinning Zorb, which come at affordable prices to fit all budgets. Zorbing has become an enjoyable outdoor activity for both adults and children. It is the perfect activity if you are seeking to experience that adrenaline rush! Bubble Footballs or Body Zorb balls and Inflatable Zorb balls are innovative and interactive inflatable toys.

Zorb Ball Specifications

Zorb balls can also be branded and offered in different colors and sizes. Inflatable Body Zorb provides a novel and fun way to produce an interactive and intriguing game, even for adults.

The whole idea of zorbing is simple: to place specifically sized Zorb Balls over the passenger and strap them safely inside the Zorb ball. The passengers can then run into other players, bouncing off and typically falling safely onto the ground. The action that follows is to allow oneself to roll about the ground, usually rolling head over heel. All this time, the player is normally protected by the outer membrane of the Zorb.

Zorb Ball Sale and Plays

Though the zorb is clear plastic, the passenger’s view of the outside environment is somewhat limited. Actually, the zorb contains two layers of plastic and factoring speed; it becomes a lot more problematic to distinguish the sky from the ground whenever you are on a roll.

Zorbing has lately joined the list of extreme sports. It’s a sport that takes place on land. A rider can, however, enjoy a dry or wet ride. Fancy a dry ride? Prepare to be strapped against one wall of the zorb and roll downhill. For a wet ride, often called hydro-zorbing, water is added inside the zorb and the passenger is sent on a wild ride.