Human Zorb Ball - Where to Play Zorbing Ball

Human Zorb Ball – Where to Play Zorbing Ball

Human Zorb Ball – Funny Inflatable Globe Riding

There are some best locations to play human zorb ball in the United States. Actually, the customers should absolutely check them out, if they want to try the zorbing. One of the famous zorbing venues is Roundtop Mountain Resort, which is also a very popular place in America. The location is in Pennsylvania, in the northeastern and Mid-Atlantic regions of the United States. This place is proud of offering their unique zorb balls as a reliable provider of inflatable amusement. From the introduction, their human zorb ball is totally different from the regular inflatable hamster ball from other places. In fact, the orb includes two layers spheres, one small in 2 meters of diameter inside and the other 3 meters outside. Various zorbs available at

Aqua Zorbing with Water Inside – Wet Zorb

Let Vano Inflatables Limited give you some information on aqua zorbing at First, get some water inside in around one tenth of inner ball. The players will have an experience of surfing on water or in the washig machine. Then, every player will get wet and have fun during the sliding down a zorbing ramp. This event is suitable for adults and children at the age of six and above. Honestly, it is only a small part of the recreational events available. The first rider weights 120 kilograms, and no problem to accommodate three persons at total weight less than 300 kilograms. But, the children under eight years old must be supervised by adults, parents or operation staff.

There are much more outdoor adventures available in Roundtop besides the zorb ball riding. Those are the walking water ball, bubble soccer and bumper boat etc. Additionally, there is a simple and economical hotel on the mountain, with nice view, food and comfortable rooms. The complete package will bring the consumers a quality time with super fun.