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Inflatable Slide Pool

Inflatable Slide Pool for Sale

The inflatable slide pool, or called inflatable pool water slide, is usually manufactured with PVC tarpaulin vinyl. It is not so big and portable so the schools, families and organizations can carry it and use where they prefer. Besides, this water slide is also a good business in amusement park and water game centre.

Inflatable slide pool is a suitable equipment as a replacement of real swimming pool, as it is not heavy and is convenient to take elsewhere. People can use the inflatable slide in a lot of places, like a grass field, park, flat ground, indoor venue and backyard outdoor etc. Simply, we just inflate the inflatable pool with air pump, which only takes several minutes. Then the water can be filled inside the pool appropriately. It is a nice recreational option for kids’ plays. What is more, we can put some toys in the pool for children. The walking water balls and water rollers are compatible with the pool. We are sure it delivers unbelievable enjoyment an fun. The OEM brand printing and custom made patterns  are all available.