The Zorbing - Human Hamster Zorb Ball

The Zorbing – Human Hamster Zorb Ball

What is Hamster Zorb Ball for humans? The Zorb is an inflatable orb produced by transparent material TPU or PVC played for the event of Zorbing. People call it as inflatable Human Hamster Ball, Zorbing Ball or Inflatable Bubble Ball as well. One hand, human can go inside the giant inflatable ball for walking plays on land or water. On the other hand, it is initially more popular for rolling down a gentle ramp of hillside. The Hamster Zorb being pulled by a jet ski is another emerging fun in recent few years. One of the famous Zorbs is Outdoor Gravity Orb OGO from New Zealand, the place of origin of Zorbing.

Human Hamster Ball – The Zorb Ball

Vano Inflatables provides full information on the Zorb balls in this essay, such as structure, classification, innovation and more. In addition, they also give the clients insturction of buying the Zorbs, introducing movie stars trying Zorbing on the TV show. As a matter of fact, the human hamster balls are applicable in various events of leisure and sports. Welcome to try them out with the Hamster Zorb company Vano in China. The customers are to have an amazing experience with the sphere. Just be ready to read further more data about it. The Zorbing balls are so much exciting.

Popular Applications of Hamster Zorb

Generally speaking, there are three popular ways of Zorbing at present. Firstly, the zorb rolls down a slope with harnesses to secure the players well. Next, it is the free style of walking and running mainly on grass or water to move the zorb forward. This type is like a zorb race match in an inflatable racing track. Last, there is new way of hydro zorbing with nearly 50% water inside the orb and riders sitting there. People will get wet and have fun while rolling down a gentle hill.

Hamster Zorb Ball Construction

The Human Hamster Ball consists of double segment spheres full of air in the middle, one small ball contained by the other big one. Double spheres are connective with numerous nylon strings. In standard there are at least two hundred eighty bonds by the strings, which helps maintain the ball shape. This inflatable construction keeps people safe inside like a damper of auto during the rolling Zorbing. In 1990s, the first simple orb was not so comfortable, as it was built by stiff wood and accessories. Nowadays, the Zorb Balls are much different and better with soft and light plastic materials. PVC is quite popular having high cost performance and reliable quality, normal thickness including 0.8 to 1.0 millimeter.

Main Dimensions

The normal outer size of diameter is around 10 feet or 3 meters. Generally, the most popular size of the inside ball is 6 feet 6 inch or 2 meters. Therefore, you can see there is an air chamber of 20 inch between the two balls. In addition, the smaller size around 2.5m (8ft) for kids is available to save the cost of production and shipping. The ropes tie both layer balls tightly. Usually, there are 1 or 2 hole entries for the zorbs. These are the main structure of the Hamster Zorb balls. One famous Japanese auto corporation put a vehicle into the inflatable hamster ball, sliding downhill for a commercial activity.

Zorb Ball Innovation

In summer, water roller is one of best variations from human hamster ball. It is also in the name of inflatable water cylinder, zorb roller, hamster wheel etc. The manufacturing process is similar as the Zorbs. The roller contains 2 sections of the balls and the middle space sealed for air inflation. It accommodate a few persons to climbing and running inside on the surface of water. Commonly, the wheel is a thrilling water park equipment. A net door can be added at both entrances for safety. More innovations of Zorb ball include inflatable Walking Water Ball and Bumper Ball for Bubble Soccer.

More Events of Zorb Balls

As you see, there are more advertisements and TV programs around the globe. Apparently, the Human Hamster Ball has become more and more popular over the last a couple of years. A part of the famous shows in US include the super star from Hollywood. They conducted a funny hamster ball racing game in the inflatable race track. Two zorbs rolled and raced one after the other, and the fastest one was the winner. Besides, there is one challenge of ocean crossing with the Hamster Zorb in Europe. Not to mention other water ball and bubble football games in other shows worldwide.

Zorb Ball for Sale

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