Zorbing - The Wonderful Extreme Adventure of Sports

What Is Zorbing – The Wonderful Adventure

Zorbing Adventure – The Amazing Extreme Event

Would you like to know about zorbing and where to buy zorb ball? We spread information, price and everything about zorbing. Actually, a part of persons probably learn about the zorbing somehow. We are pretty sure all of us will reach consensus, wonderful zorbing at the bottom of this essay. We are going to provide more introduction on zorbing origin and why it is an incredible adventure of sports.

The Background of Zorbing

Do you know someone invented the fantastic zorbing sports of fun? Maybe not. As a matter of fact, a couple of young guys produced the original hamster ball in the early 1972. At the first beginning, they just projected this ball of soft plastic material for hamsters climbing and walking plays of recreation. Later, a team of adventurers moved forwards a lot with the concept of hamster ball in the middle of 1983. Initially, these guys produced a large ball containing two spheres connected with wooden shelves and sticks. The diameter of it is over seventy feet or twenty metres, accommodating 2 adults during the rolling downhill. However, the majority of materials on the surface of the equipment broke and became useless. Sadly, they just left this construction away, as it was neither popular nor recognized at all.

Original Zorbing - Rolling Down Hill
Original Zorbing – Rolling Down Hill

Zorbing Development

Fortunately and surprisingly, two young people re-started the idea of ball rolling in New Zealand. They had got a notion of manufacturing by clear polyvinyl as a soft material, to make it fitting adults inside the sphere. At the beginning, this creation grew fast in popularity after they promoted the device with sole distributorship. This was really brand new staff to people through the presentation of media. Citizens were excited to see zorbing activity. But the agents had to pay the original inventor from France deposit to conduct the inflatable hamster balls. The french got the patent protection on the giant ball much earlier. That was another long story of dispute.

Nobody would expect this sport became a craze in several years. In addition, this Sphereing event is known as Zorbing or Orbing. In the early of 21st century, Oxford Dictionary (English Version) collected the new word “Zorbing” as one of emerging sports events. This is learned as an en extreme adventure under a certain of circumstances.


Zorbing Human Hamster Ball
Zorbing Human Hamster Ball


Nowadays, the adventure has evolved into unbelievable attraction. Even a great number of super stars have given it a shot, from Hollywood, Europe and worldwide. Besides, a few motor factory suppliers fell in love with the zorbing after their managements saw it. They thought it is something inspiring to the commercials. Toyota launched a novel video advertisement of putting a vehicle into the big hamster ball. When people watched it, they could not help saying “Wow, it looks stunning”. That created an unexpected high value to the company.

Zorbing Explanation

There are various patterns for the zorbs as large inflatable hamster ball for humans. Usually, the suppliers manufacture zorbs with transparent and soft plastic materials, such as TPU or PVC. Rolling down hill or on the grounds internally the fantastic clear ball brings fun. Firstly, the zorb has the safety belt or harness to secure the player properly. Secondly, some other devices allow rides sitting with water filled interiorly, and people move around without restriction during the zorb sliding down a ramp. We also name it hydro zorbing, and everyone gets wet, spinned and have fun! Lastly, the most common type is free walking plays on water by the participators being thrown or tumbled throughout the zorb rolling. This is the easiest way of zorbing, especially for children in amusement water park.

Zorbing Water Walking Ball
Zorbing Water Walking Ball

Zorbing – New Combination with Football

In fact, the zorbs are all suitable to water walking, just no need for harnesses. To go further with popularity, the inventors developed simple and lower cost walking water balls. These are exactly and only for water use. Later, someones from Europe even created new designs of mixing zorbing and football, the bubble soccer ball or zorb football. The see through bubbles will thrill the persons who get inside. Many people also define it body zorbing ball, loopy ball or bumper ball. These bubble football suits are able to match a number of events or football games.

Orbing is applicable on a ramp of slight grade under lots of circumstances. Additionally, people conduct the zorb on a flat land as well, and they can manage the ball motion somehow. It is workable to apply it on water of pool or lake etc, known as aqua zorbing or water walker. As we know, it is hard for the enthusiast to find the ramp nearby at times. Still, they use inflatable or wooden slope instead. Zorbing has become a nice attraction in a lot of amusement parks throughout Western Europe, North America and Oceania. A new properous recreation business has hit the world. What is more, a great many zorb companies dealing with Soccer Bumper Balls and Football Bubble Suits for rent. Please refer to our product cagetory “Bubble Soccer” to know more about prices and details.

Body Zorbing Football Bubble Ball
Body Zorbing Football Bubble Ball

The Reasons That It Is Wonderful

The speed per hour gets really fast at over 28 miles among sliding down a slope with rider harnessed internally the large inflatables. The highest speed record is not less than 50 kilometers every 60 minutes, and that is literally mad. We have to admit this sport has gradually gained the popularity around the globe.

People feel like riding in a inflatable rolling wheel, and that is incredible excitement. The zorb ball can be the preference for extreme adventurers who would like to experiment with something new. One important thing, the operation of zorbs MUST be in a safe situation and venue. Enjoy the entertainment of passion and madness!