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Zorb Nottingham – Go Zorbing in Spheremania UK

Zorb Nottingham – Enjoy Zorbing Ball Entertainment

Zorb Nottingham is near the main way in the north of Nottingham UK, offering highly exciting zorbing games for both adults and children. It takes less than half an hour to reach from the city. In fact, the giant hamster ball is going to bring the high speed of rolling down hill to the riders. Moreover, this unforgetable wonderful experience offers people the adrenaline rush for their whole life. The zorbing is something they have never done ever before. Zorb Nottingham is proud of providing the longest sliding track at over 290 meters.

There are two popular zorbing ways in their facility. One hand, in the summer season, aqua zorbing is the hotest choice of sliding down the ramp as a wet game. Two persons are allowed to go inside the zorb ball having a certain of water around 45 litres. On the other hand, the more challenging activity is go with harness zorbinng. No problem to keep one or two riders inside the inflatable hamsterball by the harnesses. The age range is from ten to sixty years.

Next, more new zorb games are available now, called zorb football or bubble football. Actually, it is the smaller body zorbing balls mainly for football game. Zorbing football is the extremely craze to the soccer bumper nowadays. To have more information on zorb ball price details, just visit www.ZorbingBallz.com