Zorbing London - Amazing to Play Zorb Ball in UK

Zorbing London – Amazing to Play Zorb Ball in UK

Zorbing London – Have Fun with Zorb Balls in Britain

The Zorbing London facility is one of the most popular zorbing venues in the United Kingdom. Basically, it is around half an hour drive away from the downtown of London. For many other places, it even takes less than 15 minutes to arrive from the main parts of the city. It is also very close to train station. Why not take a group and try zorbing there? Those will be of so much fun. The location is on the top of a main way, and people can take a wonderful view of the center in London. Just take a look, there are so many beaches, forest and ramps all around.

Several way of zorbing are available, including harness zorb, ground zorb and hydro zorbing. Two persons are containable with harnesses for traditional zorbing of rolling downhill. In addition, around 50 liters water is necessary inside the zorb ball to start hydro zorbing as wet plays. For safety, the total weight should be less than 250 kilograms, one or two persons. The age of riders is suggested 8 years or above at the height of over 5 feet. This zorbing park is open everyday from Monday to Sunday in Summer, April to September. To have more information on zorbing ball equipments, just visit zorbingballz.com.