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Zorbing Manchester UK – Incredible Zorb Balls Outdoor Adventure

Zorbing Manchester – Have Fun with Zorb Ball

Zorbing Manchester South is at the Madness Event Facility. It situates at Winson Moton, RT12 in United Kingdom. Actually, the place is near Liverpool and some other cities. Its regular provisions include aqua zorbing, water walking balls, harness zorbing and zorb football (or bubble soccer). Aqua zorbing takes the riders down the ramp on hill during rolling of giant inflatable hamster ball filled with water. The riders are going to get wet and have so much fun. In addition, another type of zorbing is water walking and tumbling for people as a relaxing recreation. Then, the conventional zorbing is harness zorbing for one or two persons fastened inside inflatable sphere. All they have next is to scroll down the slope and enjoy the unbelievable moment.

Besides, the body zorbing football combine the inflatable bubble suits and soccer games pretty well and fun. The bubble balls cover the players’ upper body from head to waist like protective capsules. There has never been so much joy for football games, especially when bumping into each other and tumbling on the ground. What is more, several other events are available, such as archery laser tag, shooting and group events etc. GBP 25 is enough for one time play for individual.

Many people from Manchester and surrounding areas like to come and join the zorbing activities, particularly the aqua zorbing. No matter for adults or children, they both love to go with it. It is a freshing feeling of excitement. Most importantly, the zorbing is safe on the suitable spot. The inflatable zorb ball is soft and buffers while rolling downhill. As we know, it has been popular since over 20 years ago. To have more zorb ball price and information for hire business, enquire with us at sales@ZorbingBallz.com.