Zorbs Inflatable Human Hamster Ball - The Information You Seek on Zorbing

Zorbs Inflatable Human Hamster Ball – The Information You Seek on Zorbing

Zorbs are now in your to do list? Zorbing with giant hamster ball is an actually fashionable event. It is the concept of getting inflatable human balls you can go internally of with rolling plays and so much joy. At outdoor amusement parks, usually you can find these products. Or you may try a few adventure types, which are truly gratifying with sliding donw a ramp or slope of hill. No matter you are seeking inflatable bubble balls for rental or for sale for the coming season, this is the right site. Here are the guidelines you request to learn about inflatable zorb balls from Vano Inflatables Industrial Limited.

Giant Human Sized Hamster Balls

Human Sized Hamster Balls for Sale Cheap - ZorbingBallz.com
Human Sized Hamster Balls for Sale Cheap – ZorbingBallz.com

The Definition of Zorb Ball

Zorb ball is basically big sized blow-up sphere you are able to enter. It lets you move in any directions inside like you were in protective soft hamsterball. In fact, they are so popular in the extreme events and more funny activities.
Manufacturers make these zorb balls with commercial PVC or eco-friendly TPU materials. Each unit contains an external globe and internal globe with plenty of ropes with plastic buckles welded during two balls. They help to keep the solid structure for the balls.

It is inflatable for outside ball, and you enter in the inside one. You are able to begin moving all the ways upon getting into the zorbs. One hand, the ropes tied between the double walls on the balls provide a strong structure. On the other hand, meanwhile it helps the both balls to turn around at same speed. The air inside the balls absorbs some shake during the use. In addition, as the hamster balls are soft and not so heavy duty, they much reduces the possibility of injury. One of the zorb ball categories has single wall only, and usually they are for water walking games.

Water Zorbing Games for Children – Vano Inflatables Industrial Limited

Zorbing Water Walking Ball
Zorbing Water Walking Ball

Zorbing Events Varieties

Zorb balls are in utilization of various events. Firstly, you are able to roll the zorbs around on the grassfield. Secondly, these balls are floatable on the water of pool. It is probably hard to be tracted on water, however, it is only a part of funny game. You may try it to have more fun in the lake or beach.

More zorbing activities are available as well. Thirdly, these were developped into zorb sumo suits, and you can beat the opponent down to win the games. Moreover, body zorbing balls were invented to play bubble soccer with bumping into each other and make the goals. You can start a zorb racing game as well, when you have additional inflatable race track.

Funny Inflatable Zorb Race Track

Buy Zorb Race Track | Zorb Ball Racing Indianapolis
Buy Zorb Race Track | Zorb Ball Racing


Furthermore, there is another extreme sport for zorbing, which is harness zorb. You can slide down a zorbing ramp and feel the speed of rolling with getting harnessed inside in safe conditions.

Need Information on Classifications of Zorbing?

You may go with these models of zorbing: harness zorb or free style. With harness zorbs, it is like your whole body are fastened by seat belt. Just lie and stay inside with no movement to roll around with the ball. For free style zorbs, you are capable of walking or crawling around inside the ball without any harnesses or straps.

It would probably be risky if you used zorbs of rolling downhill as extreme recreation, even though free style zorbing takes up most of zorbing events. Although the cushioned zorb is another option, you still might get injured falling down suddenly during zorbing. Therefore, when you will be moving fast with rolling zorbs, the harnesses are necessary. It will not make you hurt yourself by grabbing the handles with waist and legs stapped.

Free Zorbing Games on Grass

Zorb Ball for Sale | Zorb Ball China Factory - ZorbingBallz.com
Zorb Ball for Sale | Zorb Ball China Factory – ZorbingBallz.com


Water walking with zorbs is another type of popular game for kids and adults in amusement park. It is also one of main free zorbing plays, as you can move around inside the inflatables.

Do Inflatable Hamster Balls Bring Any Danger?

When you use the human hamster ball securely and in a short time only, they are actually in safe conditions. However, it is not recommended to try extreme zorbing downhill, when you have not inspected and confirmed the lane. In fact, you will never get hurt from a giant hamsterball itself. Besides, there are some more sections on this. You can roll around on the inflatables and feel comfortable during the bounce and climb inside.

Still, it is better not to stay in for too long time, as they are airtight zorb balls. Additionally, if the rolling goes too quickly without control, you may get injured. Therefore, the harnesses are indispensable to go extreme zorbing. After you give adventure zorbs a shot, you would probably feel quite dizzy. When you get out of the sphere, you have to take care of youself in order not to tumble. You had better to sit donwn and take a rest by recovery.

Take Care of The Zorbs

The so hot weather will cause you much oxygen consumption, so the suggestion is to go zorbing in a warmer or cloudy day. It is also dangerous to expose inside the transparent zorb ball for long time under the sunshine.

Moreover, you must use zorb hamster balls on a ramp of hill without the danger, when you plan on a trial. You have to get rid of trees, rocks, roads you might impact on, and keep the ball under control at the finish.
These guides help come with a completely secured zorbing.

The Way You Enter Into The Zorbs

It is rather easy for you to climb into a zorb ball, even if you are not so nimble. Usually there are one or two entry holes on external ball, and then the internal one. You can get into the zorbs and harness yourself well. Some outer balls are added with zippered door on the entrance.

The air is going to come out, when you have the zorbs unzippered. In order not to reinflate it a lot, regularly the staff will inform you to get in fast. Still, you must not conduct it in a rush and make mistakes, since safety is on top priority all the time.

Is The Zorb Going to Break?

Sometimes, the zorb ball is likely to be damaged. Normally there is slow air leakage on the zorbs, and it is different from unexpected blast. When these human hamster balls become squishy and soft after some uses, it definitely has small tears or holes somewhere.

Soft Water Zorb Ball

Human Balls | Inflatable Hamster Ball Supplier - ZorbingBallz.com
Human Balls | Inflatable Hamster Ball – ZorbingBallz.com

How Much Time Should You Stay Inside The Zorbs

A part of zorb manufacturers say half an hour of oxygen is available inside the zorb. However, our suggestion is not to breathe there over fifteen minutes. Most of the zorbing just finish within several minutes.

There is no need to be risky for you to be in participation for so much time. Some people will probably feel headache or kind of hard to breathe, after they use zorb ball more than 15 minutes. For better safety, you had better go zorbing less than ten minutes each time.

A child in zorbing game

Zorbing Ball Philippines | Zorb Ball Manila, Cebu, Davao, Angeles
Children Zorb Ball – Vano Inflatables Industrial Limited

Is It Possible to Get Suffocated in an Walking Water Ball

If you played inside a zorb for so long time, there is possibility on the suffocation. Importantly, the walking ball should be used under adult supervision along with the rider. In case of any sudden accidents, someone is able to rescue you out of the zorb.

When you just ride the ball within a short period of time, no one should get suffocated inside the human hamster ball. It just takes seconds to unzip the zorb from the outer ball by the staff. Nobody stays inside for much time.

Should You Purchase Zorb Balls?

There is possibility to order zorb balls, and it is better from professional manufacturers or wholesalers online. You may browse their reviews before the purchase if possible. We do not recommend you to buy from regular retailers or marketplaces. The prices of zorbs range from 500 to 1,300 US dollars based on various dimensions, materials and quality levels.

Due to the high cost, a majority of persons prefer riding the zorb balls supplied in the venue or hiring them. One few minutes zorbing costs only 10 US dollars per ride.

Pleaes confirm zorbs are produced with safe plastic material in proper adult or kid sizes, if you intend to order them. In addition, they must contain harnesses and grips for safety if for extreme zorbing downhill.

What Is The Price to Hire a Zorb?

Actually, it is rather costly to rent the zorbs. You may see the rate USD 150 to 250 for two hours, and USD 500 to 700 for one day rent. Sometimes you may need more zorbs at that cost.
The renting seems so pricy, compared with the cost of purchasing the almost same one. However, the event organizations usually provide the products and staff service to guide you, when you hire the zorb balls. They help to operate it appropriately and take care of every riders.

Glowing Zorb Ball | Shining Zorbing Ball | Glow Zorb
Glowing Zorb Ball | Shining Zorbing Ball | Glow Zorb

Is Zorbing Going to Injure The Riders?

As a matter of fact, at most cases, zorbing does not cause injury to someone. You can lie or walk around comfortably inside the protective air chamber provided by zorbs. However, when you go with crazy zorbing downhill, it may be quite dizzy and unbalancing. The harnesses help strap and protect the riders well. Besides, one suggestion is to wear heavy clothes in order to lower the chance of hurt.

On condition the fact should be respected for the zorb balls including limited oxygen, normally zorbing can be in safe and joyful uses.

What Is Weight Limit For a Zorb?

Weight limit is rather high at about 200 kilograms for a zorb ball, since it is heavy duty and solid, and made of thick plastics. Additionally, the zorb’s inner size and capacity are constant, so these zorbs mainly suit the persons under 7 feet tall.

There are several different dimensions for these inflatable hamster balls. Smaller kids’ size of 8.5 feet is available, which is more suitable for children to enjoy. The adult sized ball of 10 feet is usually used by people above 14 years old.

Safety Tips on Zorbing

When you are zorbing, please follow the measures below to ensure you are safe.

Do inspect whether the zorb balls are with enough air. Or else, inflate the hamsterball with a powered air pump until it become sturdy.

Children not allowed to stay inside the zorb without adults’ supervision.

Make sure no big bumps on the surface for rolling, as it would likely make the zorb to skip off the ground and cause dangerous impact.

Take off belongings prior to riding the zorbs, especially the hard objects, like keys, jewelry, shoes etc.

Ensure to tie a rope to the ball to control it, when using for water walking on the lake or beach.

Inflatable Human Bowling Set - Zorb Bowling Pins Outdoor Games
Inflatable Human Bowling Set – Zorb Bowling Pins Outdoor Games

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There Specific Name For The Inflatable Hamster Balls?
Those inflatable hamster ball for poeple enter into has a professional name – Zorb. Because basically it appears a giant inflatable ball for hamster to climb inside, it’s also named zorb hamster ball. When you slide downhill with a zorb, that is called zorbing – an extreme sport.

Can Children Ride The Zorbs Or Only Adults?

As long as people are more than 15 years old and are in good health conditions, it is fine to use a regular zorb. Please ensure no present injuries or sickness on the participants. The limit on height and weight are 2 meters and 150 kgs. Kids can use smaller sized zorb balls, but they must be over the age of eight and in the adults’ supervision.

In Summary

Now you may have a more clear concept of Zorb Ball and the way of zorbing. No matter if you would like to try crazy rolling zorbs down hill or body zorbing for bubble soccer, now you know how to go with them.

The zorbs are secured and funny, but they must be rided under staff or adults supervision. Someone must be ready for help anytime, just in case of any potential danger. To know further about zorbs, inquire now with Vano Inflatables Industrial Limited.